Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picking up where I left off

When I got to Israel, I blogged on a frequent basis. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences with friends back in the states and also used my blog as a journal to remember the incredible experiences I had over my early months in Israel. Writing posts was also easy. I had a long bus ride back from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem three days a week. Since then, a lot has changed while at the same time, not much has changed at all.

I can’t recall the exact reason I stopped blogging. I stoped shortly before my trip back to America for what I thought was going to be 4 friends’ weddings and a trip to Central America before joining the army. It turned out to be more – I hurt my shoulder in a bike fall in July. Initially, my doctor and I thought I had a partial tear and needed to just rest. The shoulder got worse, and I ended up extending my trip in the US for shoulder surgery. That changed my army plans and the rest is history. Rather than getting more into things that have gone down over the past 9 months, I am going to just go on writing as if I hadn’t stopped. If I hit a part that sounds odd (new job, new apt… I will try to fill you in).

I’ve also decided not to publicize my posts as I used to – at least not until I have something to publicize. Let’s see if I can keep this up. Now that I am working 5 days a week in Tel Aviv, I have a tighter schedule, and instead of taking the bus every day (I am on it right now as I write this), I am blesses to have friends that give me rides. When I am ridding with friends, I don’t blog, so I have less opportunity to do so than I used to working part time but commuting back by bus.

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