Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cribs - The Oracle Edition

Hey readers. Happy Hanuka. In honor of the holiday, and because this post was a long time coming, I present to you the Special Edition Oracle of Jerusalem Cribs Blog Post.
For your viewing pleasure, I have recorded a tour of my (now not so) new apartment. Last Thursday night my roommates and I hosted our apartment’s annual Hanukah party. You all have the opportunity to step into the place where it all went down just hours before the jelly doughnut eating madness began. I hope you enjoy. You will also now get to see a little more of what it’s like living in one of (if not the) greatest cities in the world.
For the New Yorkers out there who saw my old place on the West Side, for reference and benchmarking purposes, you should know that my apartment here in Israel is on about the same level as my apartment was on the west side in so far as quality and relative rent costs go, but I am paying about 35% of the rent I was paying in New York. Don’t let that deceive you though – people make a lot less here.

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