Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby I'm Back

When I got to Israel, I was in bad shape – my last months in New York had been very hectic, filled with goodbyes, weddings, trips and fun times. Unfortunately, during those months, I fell a bit out of shape and had cut back on my running.
I have now posted several times about my return to fitness. I am proud to report that last Tuesday, I completed a 10 mile run around Jerusalem. 10 miles is a significant distance, because it implies that I am now in half marathon shape. I am hoping to run my first half marathon in 9 months this coming Friday-assuming logistics can be worked out—the race is 2 hours away.
Below is my 10 mile run video. If you are wondering what you can see in 10 miles of running in Jerusalem, I can tell you – a lot. I was all over the place. If you watch the video, you best pop some popcorn because it’s quite a show.

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