Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My how the time has flown

As I write this post, I am sitting in my room in Jerusalem taking a break from packing for my trip tomorrow to America. I absolutely can't believe that I have been in Israel for 6 months. It is almost incomprehensible. I remember arriving here like it was yesterday. At the same time, I feel like I have experienced and learned so much since I arrived. My short time here so far has been a transformational growth experience. In six months my life outlook, personal self-image and self-awareness, business mind and life trajectory have evolved and developed in ways I never would have thought possible.

I was recently emailing with a former co-worker that I am looking forward to seeing next week in New York. He asked me how my time in Israel has been (we haven't caught up in a while). As I thought about it and began to look back at my time here - much of which I have tried to share with you - I was simply astonished. These months have been absolutely priceless. I thanks G-d (not often enough) for the opportunities I have been given. I want to thank all of the readers out there who have commented, mentioned to me or even stalkerishly read my blog without my knowing. It has been awesome to hear nice feedback from you and makes me feel that I really am sharing with you.

One specific accolade needs to be given to Ben L, a friend of mine from my YU days. Ben is now in medical school and when he read my blog post about my ulcer he sent my sister an email to forward to me regarding my condition and recommendations that I should follow up with my doctor on. Ben - thanks for the concern and the feedback. Your email was really funny and impressively knowledgeable. It was also amazing to discover you are a reader. The next time I spoke to the doc he advised exactly what you suggested without me saying a thing (I would have if he hadn't). Thanks for looking out for me.

I guess this post is more of a reflection than a recounting of events. It is also a thank you. Thank you to the readers, my friends, Duff & Phelps for allowing me this amazing opportunity, thanks to my family for their love and support and thanks to G-d for all of the above. One of the greatest takeaways I have gleaned from this whole experience is that it is so important to realize all that I have (each on of us have). I continue to try to do so more often.

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