Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bonus Season Comes Early

Today Nava, the HR manager in the office, came into my office and handed me an envelop and said “hiney matanah – shana tova”, or something like that, which translates to “here is a gift – happy new year.” (Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish new year is this week). I looked at her and thought she was kidding, I looked at Ori and he confirmed that it was infact a gift from GSE – my company gave me a new year’s present – mall gift certificates… That’s right folks in New York, Bonus Season comes early here. I am not going to disclose how much I got, but I will tell you three data points: (1) According to the Erroca (a sunglass store in every mall here) website, I can’t afford to replace my sun glasses with a pair of Oakleys with the certificates. It should be mentioned that brand name goods, or really goods in general are more expensive here. (2) It is more than I have received at certain “bonus” seasons in the past. (3) It was not a mythical creature or a box in a Super Bowl Pool (sort of an inside joke).


  1. you want me to buy you sun glasses?

  2. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! unicorns, leprechauns, ITS ALL TRUE?!

  3. Unicorns are real Ruby...

    Congrats and mazel! Send me a falafel too!