Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is How I Roll

This week I commuted to work all three days. It was a trip... it took about two to two and a half hours each way. Each morning I caught the 7:43 train which was scheduled to arrive about 9:15. Without traffic the bus would take about an hour to work. From what I've heard, there is lots of traffic in the morning, so I went the train rout.

In America, when we built train tracks and had mountains in the way, they were either blow up or tunneled through. In Israel, they go around them. The train crawls through the hills and mountains that surround the Yerushalayim. The upside of the train it is very comfortable and that there are morning services on the train. About half way to Tel Aviv, we stop at a city called Beit Shemesh where the train quickly fills up and men immediately begin donning talit and tefillin (prayer shawls and phylacteries). When I lived in New York, I attended services at 7:30 each morning which went till about 8:15. I then went home for a quick breakfast and got to the office at about 9:15 after a 25 minute commute. Now I leave my apt at about 7, get on the train at 7:43 and get to Tel Aviv around 9:15 and my office at 9:30 – all things considering, it isn't that bad. The trip back gives me time to work on blog posts and read. While I'm glad I'm not doing it 5 times a week, the commute is livable for now.

Reading the Torah on the Train

I just got to Efrat and Rosh Hashana is starting soon. I hope everyone has a shana tova (nice new year) filled with health, happiness, joy and success.

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