Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Pays to Not Be Israeli in Israel

About a month before I got to Israel, my sister enthusiastically told me that she met a British guy who lived in Israel at a mutual friend's wedding and that I should get in touch with him to meet up when I arrived. I friended him on Facebook and we messaged a bit. He was really nice and invited me to come to a meal at his apartment on Rosh Hashana. Unfortunately, I was not in Yerushalayim and couldn't make it. On Monday I was ridding the train to work and guess who sat down right across from me on the train... my new British Facebook friend. It was totally random and nice to meet him and chat. He even told me that he read this very blog that he got to through a facebook status!

To return the compliment and because I think this article was awesome and had to be shared, I am sharing with you, my readers (up to 4 followers), this article that I saw through his facebook status.Enjoy.

Polite Israelis Earn More

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