Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take that 120 #5A

When I was packing up my apartment in New York (120 w. 9Xth #5A), as I prepared to leave, my roommates frequently liked to taunt me that I was going to get fat in Israel and would eat multiple shawarmas (like a meat gyro of amazingness) a day. In order to prove them dead wrong, I have abstained from eating shawarma since my arrival. I decided to save my first shawarma experience for when my family is in town over the Sukkor holiday in about 2 weeks. Needless to say, I am excited for their arrival.

In order to go all out and put it to Bubbles and the Shine (roommates), I also did not have a falafel for nearly my first month in Israel… that ended today. The day after Rosh Hashana is a fast day called Tzom Gedalia ( which in short is a day or mourning commemorating the murder of Gedalia, who was the ruler of the Jews in Israel under Babylonian rule after the destruction of the first temple – after his assassination, the most of the Jews fled Israel and the land was nearly uninhabited by Jews for ~65 years. After 65 years, the Jews returned and eventually built the 2nd temple, but enough with the history lesson for now.

I left work at 5:30 not having had anything to eat all day. The fast ended at sundown, about 6:15. My bus arrived in Jerusalem at about 6:45, but I did not bother to stop to grab something to eat at the bus stop. Rather, I went straight to a really good falafel and shawarma place near home to have my first bites of deep fried Middle Eastern deliciousness. The restaurant I went to was called “Hashamen,” which means – and I can’t even make this up – “The Fat.” It’s as if McDonalds would call itself Grease Bucket or Kilo-Calories. At least Hashamen was honest about it. The food was great though, I had a half-falafel lafa (gyro wrap) with all the sauces and fixings. It was really yummy, now I am all the more excited to have my first shawarma… pictures will follow.


  1. You should not be holding off from eating your Shwarma's because me and Cal were making fun of you! Time is ticking for you out there and holding back from all the great schwarma places is going to be your loss. Golan in the heights is good but nothing compared to Massov or the places on Ben Yehuda

    Wishing you a happy and healthy (not fattening) new year

    Your second most genuine friend


  2. i love how it means FAT. hahahahahaha amazing

  3. This is so beautiful I am crying at my desk wishing I could too bite into yummy, kilo-caloried, fried, Israeli goodness. sob.