Monday, October 4, 2010

Arba minim

After our sumptuous dinner, the day was still not over. We still had a lot of preparation to do before Sukkot holiday, which started the following night. Since some of you already know what Sukkot is, please see here if you are not familiar We went off to the very orthodox neighborhood of Geulah to purchase our arba minin the four species.
To those who are unfamiliar with Sukkot, the site of people purchasing citrons and palm branches may be a disorienting first. To Orthodox Jews having grown up with the holiday and its traditions, the Shuk Ha’Lulavim or Market of Palm Branches can be equally overwhelming. There were hundreds of vendors selling thousands of lulavim and etrogim – citrons.

It was a really cool experience shopping at the “market” for the arba minim. A lot of care is often put in buying the most beautiful, blemish free citrons and the straightest, un-split palm branches. The selection and quality at the market was unparalleled and impressive.

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