Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hebrew Synergy

About three weeks ago, I began an intensive Hebrew course at the Hebrew University (teaches more than just Hebrew – one of the top 3 universities) in Israel. In the afternoons, after four hours of Hebrew class I trip over to Boys Town Jerusalem, to teach middle and high school boys English. In addition to giving me the opportunity to volunteer and help underprivileged boys learn English, I reasoned that my Hebrew would improve as I communicated with the students and had to explain English concepts to them in Hebrew. I was excited when last Thursday I was able to see the first of what I am sure will be many Hebrew learning synergies. In Hebrew class that morning, among other things, I had learned the word pirsoomim or liparsoom which means advertisements or too advertise. When I arrived to the school, the teacher I am working with asked me to go over an English worksheet with my boys. The work sheets theme: Help Wanted Ads. My newfound vocabulary became immediately useful as I used my new words to explain help wanted ads. In the following class, we discussed a mock advertisement for a volunteer based organization. Again in my second class the word advertising came into play. This is the kind of language reinforcement I was hoping to get out of volunteering, and I am glad it is working out well. Aside from learning Hebrew, I have a nice time with the kids. The school of 800 boys is always bustling and the kids are very rambunctious. It makes for some good times.

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