Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keys and The Box

Last week I had a very frustrating day followed by an awesome day. I headed to work the Sunday after the holiday break. About ten minutes after getting off the train, I realized that my keys were missing and that I probably dropped them on the train of running (literally) to catch the train. I was excited to get to the office and unpack The Box. The Box was shipped by my very best friend and office wife Ruby Verma in New York. In it was several office things including my docking station, my diploma which I need here to show to the government in order to finalize my work visa – I’m still here as a tourist, and my box of electronics – this box had a bunch of random things that I put in the box instead of my suitcases since they were fragile, including ipod speakers, a cell phone and a projector. When I arrived, The Box was torn down the side and open on top. I started to unpack it and was first saddened to see that the personalized 5 Hour Energy shot glass that Ruby got me a while back had shattered in transit! I was then very shocked to see that the box of electronics was missing. I asked at the front desk and was told that the box had been delivered torn open. I was wondering if FedEx had lost the box of electronics or if someone had stolen it. I BBM’d Ruby but it was Sunday at 4 am there at the time, so I knew I had some waiting to do. In the afternoon when I spoke to Ruby, she was not sure if she had packed the box in The Box. I would have to wait in suspense for the following day.
The next morning, the train pulled into Bet Shemesh – the city where the majority of the morning service participants board the train and the services begin. As everyone is settling in, a man approaches me and asks if I was on the train the previous day. When I answered in the affirmative, he told me he had my keys! He had seen them on my chair after I got off the train and saved them for me. Where else does this happen? Later that day, Ruby emailed me saying that she had forgotten to pack my box of electronics in The Box. In one day I had ‘lost’ my keys and box and the next day they were both ‘found’.
A special thanks to Hadar and Naomi Weiss for bringing the box’s content to Israel for me this week.

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