Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lock It Up

After my key incident last week, I was given a key to the office on Sunday. I quickly put it to use that very day. At the end of every quarter, work always gets very busy. On Sunday I had a lot to do and I planned to stay late. At 9 pm, a woman in the office approached me and asked if I was going to be staying much later. When I told her I was she asked if I had a key and knew how to lock up the office! She gave me a quick rundown of the process – close the lights, alarm the door, lock it up, lock up the pantry… About an hour later, Gil – the guy notorious for being the last to leave – came to my office and told me he was heading out and that I should lock up when I am done… that's right – at 10 pm, I was left alone in the office.
The only time I can recall a similar situation in New York, was when I would work on Saturday nights. There were times that after Shabbat I’d roll into the office at 8 pm and find myself alone (as far as I knew – it was a big office). At any rate, at midnight I closed down my computer, and locked up the office as the last one to leave.
I was fortunate that my cousin Dan, who is attending Sackler Medical School lives in Ramat Aviv Gimel (just north of Tel Aviv), a 40 Shekel cab ride away. He was a great host. I got there at 12:15, hung out with him till about 1:15 and got to sleep at 1:30 – I slept on his really comfortable couch. I had set my alarm from medium sound to low in an effort to not wake up his roommates. In the morning, my alarm woke me up, but it was so faint that I thought it was his roommates. I slept through it for an hour and woke up at 9:30 realizing I was late for work. Thankfully I was only a 15 minute cab ride away and was at my desk shortly after I woke up. It was a really nice change of pace to have a commute less than an hour. Thanks again for having me Dan.

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