Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Raining America

One of the best parts about living in Israel is that many of your friends will inevitably come visit to see friends or family or to celebrate a family or friend’s joyous occasion – be it a wedding, bar mitzvah or army completion ceremony. Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to have a bunch of friends come to visit. In addition to catching up with friends I have not seen in a few months, I have started to plan their trips better and have been asking them to bring me things from that States that I either can’t get here or are more affordable in the US.
Two weeks ago, my friend David W was here. It was my first weekend in my apartment and my roommates and good friend Lisa threw me a surprise apartment welcome party. We had a nice time together and I really enjoyed seeing Dave. I also has my friend Aaron stay over who was here for work with E&Y.
This week, I got to catch up with Maital, another good friend from New York. We went out to the new Mike’s Place, a bar in town. If you have not yet been, you should go. They have awesome kosher bar food. Lisa Maital and I dined on chicken wings, chili fries and beef nachos. All the things I could not eat at bars in America for Kosher reasons.
In addition to getting to see Maital, which was sweet, she brought me much needed new running shoes. I have giant feet and am not sure that Israel would even have running shoes my size – especially in the brand and width that I run – Brooks Beast 15-4E. They are awesome running shoes btw, and I have been wearing the same pair since right after the marathon – December 2009. A new pair was well overdue. I used them the following night, running 8.3 miles around Jerusalem, coincidentally on a lot of the same course that the 2010 Jerusalem marathon/half-marathon will follow. I am definitely in for the half – maybe the whole. Come cheer me on March 25, 2011. Thanks again Maital for the great delivery.
In about a week and a half my friend Mike is coming and he has been gracious enough to also bring me new work shoes – I came with really old work shoes as well. Thanks Mike.
I hope you all keep coming and visiting. I am just passed the three month mark on my time spent in Israel – three more months till I am going back for a visit. Hope you make it hear sooner.

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