Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See You Soon, But Not That Soon

Hey all. Sorry I have not posted in a while. Things have been pretty active here lately. Since my last post I moved apartments, changed my travel plans to the states and had the most Israeli of days. In this post I am going to just update people that were expecting to see me at the end of December… I’m sorry to say, but that will not be the case. I had planned on returning to the states to attend the wedding of Aimee and Jeff and Chaim and Julie, both of which were within the week between Christmas and New Years. Fortunately, two friends from childhood got engaged within two weeks of each other and planned their weddings two months apart (beginning of March and end of May). These are two of my closest friends and I will (better) be in their weddings. I cannot fly back and forth so many times, so I pushed my ticket to the middle of February – the last day I could push my return to was February 17th due to a foolish rule mandated by Jet Airways that a return ticket cannot be pushed more than 6 months beyond the departure date of a trip. So I will be back for about 2 and a half weeks in the states and hope to see people then. I will also be going on a double bachelor party to Vegas, which should be a jolly good time as well.

Stay tuned for the upcoming post: Cribs the Oracle Edition, where I plan to take you all on a video tour of my apartment.

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